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Work You Love

Lifework is a step-by-step guide to find work you love, make money and make a difference


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This is not an ordinary book

Lifework is a hands-on, action-oriented guide to navigate your career journey


part book

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part journal

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and perhaps the world’s first book you can text

What people are saying…


“A compass for defining and creating your BIGGEST contributions.”

— bret bechis
GLobal partnerships, airbnb


“A timeless tool for the most timely questions our generation is asking.”

— caroline beckman
founder & Ceo, Nouri


“The book that every successful person 10 years from now will have used to guide their career.”

— nina church, founder & head coach, prismaticco


“The most practical growth guide you will find. Lifework reveals your path and helps you chart it.”

— Cait hubbard

director of human development, Viewpoint school


“Defining and refining your life’s purpose is the most rewarding thing you can do. Wright helps you do it. ”

— isharna walsh
Founder & CEo, Coral

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“I would pay all the bitcoin on my thumb drive for this bournal.”

— monty coleman

founder & ceo, bluedoor health


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What does “purpose” actually mean?


How dreamy is your current job?

How happy are you?


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